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The new translation of the Mass: kudos for a good transition underway

We Catholics tend to feel passionately about the way we pray for many reasons, including the meaning the words convey, the love of the familiar, the rote prayers, and the ability to meditate on the memorized when we pray. (We … Continue reading

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When pets die, do they go to heaven?

Do dogs, cats and others pets go to heaven when they die? This is a question that children (as well as some adults) ask when a beloved non-human family member passes away. The Catholic Church doesn’t actually pronounce whether pets … Continue reading

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Introduction of new liturgical changes

Although the changes to prayers and songs at Mass aren’t officially required until the beginning of Advent this year, many parishes and other Catholic communities (such as at Mission Santa Clara) in the Diocese of San Jose have already begun … Continue reading

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Minister of Parish Life – When a Lay Person Acts As Pastor

As one consequence of the ongoing shortage of priests, we are seeing the emergency of more lay leadership at the parish level.  When the role of pastor cannot be held by a priest, the job title is changed to “Minster … Continue reading

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Ordination in the Diocese of San Jose – Streaming Live

Have you ever wondered what happens at the ordination to the priesthood? If you haven’t been to one of these beautiful services, this weekend you’ll have the chance to see it (and you won’t even need to go out into … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Catholic Retirement & Care Center

Have you ever thought about how you might like to spend your elderly years, should you want or need to be in a seniors facility?  I have been blessed to have many, many relatives live long lives and most of … Continue reading

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A little Catholic humor

It’s Friday and time for a little Catholic humor.  You can’t be Catholic (or, for that matter, be a “former Catholic”) without having to chuckle once in awhile at some of what passes for well-intentioned piety. Today a cousin of … Continue reading

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Mission San Juan Bautista in Hollister – Mother’s Day is a Perfect Day to Visit!

Mission San Juan Bautista is one of the most beautifully authentic California Missions in the Silicon Valley area.  It is so much the case that Mission San Juan Bautista is often the destination of fourth grade field trips as students … Continue reading

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Why Go To Mass?

Why should we go to Mass? That’s an age-old question that Catholic parents face year in and year out.  But it’s not just something that people must discuss with their kids; for many of us, the issue of whether or … Continue reading

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When Bad Homilies Happen (to Good Catholics)

Everyone’s a critic.  When it comes to preaching and to homilies, it has got to be tough to get up in front of the community and be inspiring and insightful if you’re under-slept, overworked, rushed or maybe even going through … Continue reading

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