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When dreams die: a religious perspective

Most of us experience the loss of dreams gone unrealized at some point, if not at many times in our lives.  Sometimes it’s a college application that got a rejection, a career that didn’t pan out, or a relationship that … Continue reading

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The alienation of elderly Catholics

“Growing old is not for sissies,” my grandmother used to quip.  She would know as she lived to be just 2 days shy of her 100th birthday. As people age, they tend to suffer a series of losses: loss of … Continue reading

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Does being a public figure make you a public target? Pity the poor bishops.

My family is one of those expansive, Irish Catholic clans which has been richly enhanced by the presence of priests, nuns, brothers, and in far larger supplies, devout (but down to earth, not syrupy sweet) lay folks.  Spanning several categories, … Continue reading

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The Spirituality of Showing Up

There are lots of quotes about the importance of showing up in life, in relationships, or in business.  But do we ever consider it in the context of spirituality?  I think it’s a worthwhile vantage point, and it’s something I’ve … Continue reading

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The Pact of the Catacombs, and understanding Pope Francis better

Pope Francis seems to be the spirit of Vatican II personified.  In the couple of months in which he’s been our pontiff, we have experienced one new breath of fresh air after the next. Can you boil down his message, … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday

Today is Holy Thursday, the day we celebrate The Last Supper and also the sacrament of ordination and the priesthood.  Pope Francis gave a beautiful homily this morning on anointing, and that priests are to go out and find the … Continue reading

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Feeling like you belong at Church

In Silicon Valley, there are so many opportunities to attend Mass that it’s very easy to drift from Mass to Mass and yet never feel a sense of belonging to the particular group with whom you are worshiping. This is … Continue reading

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The Season of Hope free musical concert series in San Jose

The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph, the seat of the Diocese of San Jose, hosts an annual free musical concert series, “The Season of Hope”, each year in the church.  The December 2011 schedule begins on Dec. 12th and runs … Continue reading

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“Nuns for Fun” presented by the Sacred Heart Men’s Club

“Nuns for Fun”, a classic rock and Christmas program, is presented by the Sacred Heart Men’s Club this upcoming Friday, December 9th. The group says “If you liked the movie, Sister Act, you’ll love this musical review!  Performing will be … Continue reading

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The new translation of the Mass: kudos for a good transition underway

We Catholics tend to feel passionately about the way we pray for many reasons, including the meaning the words convey, the love of the familiar, the rote prayers, and the ability to meditate on the memorized when we pray. (We … Continue reading

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